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Rules and Requirements

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Rules and Requirements Empty Rules and Requirements

Post by Rianna Lauren on Sat Mar 20, 2010 12:06 am

  1. Each member may only enter ONE category at once.
  2. Each member may only enter ONE fanwork at a time.
  3. All fanworks' rating must be K-T (No M-rated fanworks allowed).
  4. No character bashing is allowed.
  5. Your fanwork MUST be new (Max. 1 month old, older than that is a no-no) and original. No plagiarism is allowed.
  6. All fanworks must be related to Batman: The Brave and The Bold, no crossovers are allowed. (There will be a separate competition for that )
  7. To determine winners, we will open a thread for members to vote. After the votes have been casted, the user with the most votes is the winner.
  8. You must use this format when posting your entry:
  9. You must post your fanwork DIRECTLY in the threads, not by giving us links.
  10. OCs are not allowed. (There will also be a separate competition for that Wink)

Fanfiction Rules:
  • Minimal number of words: 500 words.
  • Maximal number of words: 5000 words.
  • You may create as many chapters as you like.
  • Story must be complete.

Fanart Rules:
  • Fanart must be colored (so it is in "complete" stage, not just pencil scribbles).
  • It may be hand-drawn (traditional) or computerized (digital).
  • Fanart cannot be animated art. (Save that for the upcoming signatures and avatars contest. Wink)

Fanvideo Rules:
  • Video must be animated.
  • Maximal duration: 10 minutes.

Fancomic Rules:
  • Comic may be colored or not colored.
  • It may only contain maximal 10 pages (or 10 sets of pictures).

That's all for the rules. Any fanwork that doesn't go with the rules will be disqualified.
Rianna Lauren
Rianna Lauren

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