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Welcome to the Affiliation and Advertisement Service!

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Welcome to the Affiliation and Advertisement Service!

Post by Rianna Lauren on Wed Apr 28, 2010 11:12 pm

Hello and welcome to the Forum’s Affiliation and Advertisement Service!

In this section, you may request to have your forum, blog, or website to be affiliated with our forum or to be put in our advertisement box!

What is the difference between affiliation and advertisement? Affiliation is when two sites create a partnership, and usually it doesn’t have a particular time span. Our advertising service, on the other hand, will only put your site in the advertisement box for a few weeks – depending on how long you want them to be there.

Here are the prices of the items we sell:

Advertisement (forums hosted by Forumotion): 25 BP per month
Advertisement (forums outside Forumotion): 50 BP per month
Advertisement (websites): 75 BP per month
Advertisement (blogs): 100 BP per month
Affiliation (forums hosted by Forumotion): 100 BP
Affiliation (forums outside Forumotion): 150 BP
Affiliation (websites): 175 BP
Affiliation (blogs): 200 BP

If you wish to buy one of the items, please post with this format:



Feel free to scroll around, post your request and purchase our items! Hope you enjoy your stay!
Rianna Lauren
Rianna Lauren

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