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Welcome to the Ranks Shop!

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Welcome to the Ranks Shop!

Post by Rianna Lauren on Wed Apr 28, 2010 11:09 pm

Hello and welcome to the Forum Market’s Ranks Shop!

We provide you a service of putting up custom ranks and rank pictures by your choice. They last for a limited time span, so once it expires, you may choose a new custom rank and rank picture.

Here are the prices of the items we sell:

Custom rank: 25 BP per week
Custom rank picture: 25 BP per week
Custom rank and rank picture: 50 BP per week

If you wish to buy one of the items, please post with this format:


[b]Custom rank:[/b]
[b]Custom rank picture:[/b]

Feel free to scroll around, post your request and purchase our items! Hope you enjoy your stay!
Rianna Lauren
Rianna Lauren

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